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The Pluck is a resource for guitarists, teachers, producers, arrangers, and composers. The content will help simplify and demystify the complexities of playing, teaching, recording, and writing for the guitar. 

I will share with you what inspires me, what I’m working on, and how I’m doing it.

The guitar is easy to learn and hard to master, which applies to both performance and composition. But, I believe there are simpler ways to interpret the instrument and I will show you how.

I’ll cover a range of topics to spark your creativity and give inspiration during your pursuit to sharpen your skills. Through a curation of articles, musical examples, and music lessons, I hope you will leave each time learning something new.

Occasionally I will expand beyond the guitar into similarities found in other plucked instruments like the banjo, mandolin, bass, and ukulele.

👋 Hi

Hi, my name is Jonathan. 

I am…

  • By day: a music producer, composer, and guitarist

  • By night: an aspiring polymath, philosopher, and thinker

I have a doctorate of musical arts in guitar performance and share a musical life with my wife, Angela Galestro. You can find us with the flute and guitar ensemble, GS Duo, as well as through Angela’s songs and compositions. In addition, all production from sound to visuals is under our company, Glaize Avenue Studios.

See more on my blog, an outline of the dissertation from my doctoral studies, and details about my work history and education on LinkedIn

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